Wearable technology


I have a serious addiction to wearable technology. I make all sorts of excuses as to why I need them (the be healthier……..a better version of myself…..to be more efficient) but if I am honest, I love a new gadget. So each year when the BBC reports on the Consumer Electrics Show (CES) I read it with bated breath. I love to see the new technologies that will be coming our way soon – the curved TV’s…..wow who would have thought? The new Apple watch……too exciting for words. I loved my Fitbit, was very tearful when it stopped working, replaced it with a Polar band, not liking it as much…..but between that device, my sport watch, heart rate band……working out it becoming quite a complicated experience. Anyway, this year there were more health monitor straps released, lots of touch-screen watches, but what is apparent is that they are becoming invisible. No longer will you see them strapped to wrists, they are morphing into stick-able devices that you apply to your chest, wear in your shoe or under your shirt. It will read through your skin surface and collect all of the information it needs. Pretty impressive. The idea is that wearable technology should integrate into the persons life seamlessly and not be attached or separate to it – its seems there is a growing backlash against wearing wearable technology (make sense?). I don’t agree, I think these new devices are incredibly smart and still get excited by the thought of what is to come. part of this show is also dedicated to speculative or innovative technologies – one caught my attention, a smart ring with a computer built inside – this one was demonstrating how it could be used to go on twitter and facebook – its called the Mota ring, keep your eye out as it looks like a lot of fun.

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